New ‘Science of Business’ podcast series

The brand new ‘Science of Business’ podcast series is sponsored by Q1 Scientific. Created in Ireland, this series shares the insights, career journeys, the start-up phase and behind the scenes stories from one of Ireland’s most successful business sectors.

What can I expect to hear from the new ‘Science of Business’ podcast series?

Q1 Scientific Chairman and multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur Louise Grubb hosts the new podcast series. Louise meets some of the key people behind Ireland’s global success in pharma, life sciences and biomedical sectors.

Louise has twenty years of experience within the sector and her own knowledge of what is required to establish a pharma success story.

Commenting on the new podcast series, Louise Grubb says, “I’m very excited to launch ‘The Business of Science’, as currently there isn’t a podcast that focuses on this area.” Ireland alone is home to 24 of the world’s top biotech and pharma companies. This offers us a distinct advantage when it comes to meeting and interviewing some of the key people within the sector over the coming months. “We hope to share engaging and informative business stories and careers from start-ups to global corporations within the scientific business field – and in doing so help to inspire others interested in and working within the sector.

Who is the first podcast guest?

In the first interview, Louise interviews Orlaith Ryan the Co-founder of Shorla Pharma a female-led healthcare company that focuses on drugs to treat female and paediatric cancers. Orlaith discusses her career journey and her motivation for going out on her own. Along with her business partner Sharon Cunningham, Orlaith set up the company in 2018, after several years working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Shorla Pharma is addressing a need in the oncology space for treatments that overcome difficulties with how some cancer drugs are administered. The Clonmel-based start-up expects to have its initial products ready for launch in 2021.

What can I expect to hear in the first podcast?

During the podcast interview, Orlaith discusses the niche production and the ‘lightbulb’ moment for Shorla Pharma.

Louise and Orlaith also discuss:

  • The challenges of setting-up and establishing a pharmaceutical company
  • Developing niche products
  • Meeting key opinion leaders in the industry
  • Starting a career in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Achieving funding for a start-up company

“Team and timing are two of the main things everyone focuses on when growing a company and that is where we have put a lot of our energy to date…the last 12 months have been diverse, challenging but very exciting…if people like a challenge, a bit of diversity and two days not to be the same then a start-up space is for them” – Orlaith Ryan, Shorla Pharma

Interested in listening to the full interview?

To listen the full interview and follow the new ‘Science of Business’ podcast series, please visit our dedicated podcast page.

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