Environmentally Controlled Transport

Temperature Controlled Transport

Temperature controlled shipping is the transport of goods that are sensitive to changes in climatic conditions.
When you have temperature sensitive products to move, you have to ensure unaffected delivery. At Q1 Scientific, we can provide a number of transport solutions for samples which require controlled temperature conditions.

  1. Mobile Refrigerated Chill Unit:

Image of refrigeration unit in van
Refrigeration unit, which can be powered by transport van

For large volumes of samples, Q1 Scientific use a temperature controlled transport unit.  The refrigerated unit has a 1sq metre internal capacity. Firstly it can be connected to mains power on site, this allows the unit time to get down to the desired temperature e.g. 5°C. When samples are ready to be transported the unit can be loaded into the transport vehicle. This process takes a total of 2 minutes. Once secured in the van, the power can be swapped from mains to internal battery, the battery in the unit is then re-charged via the 12Volt battery in the vehicle. Q1 Scientific use the unit to provide same day delivery or collection of samples from clients. A LCD display provides the internal temperature at all times during operation. An independent monitoring datalogger is also placed within the unit to record the temperature for the duration of the journey. The data from this unit can then be downloaded after a delivery/collection and the report provided to the client.


  1. Insulated Shipper Carton:

    Image of thermosafe shipper
    Insulated shipper units, which use frozen and chilled pads to create a chilled transport environment

For smaller sample returns a insulated shipper unit can be used.

The shippers (seen right) use a series of chilled and frozen ‘pads’ to provide a temperature controlled

enclosure. Typically they are used for chilled transport (2-8°C). Q1 Scientific has completed a validation study on the units, confirming the ability to hold the chilled temperature for a minimum of 72 hours. They can be used for either same day delivery or overnight shipping.  A datalogger is placed within the shipper cartons and removed upon delivery and the information downloaded.





  1. Dry Ice Transport:

For returns requiring ultra low temperature shipping, dry ice is used to avoid product degradation.  The dry ice achieves a natural temperature betwe

Image of sample datalogger report
Example of graph report provided from independent monitoring datalogger

en -75°C and -85°C. Again an insulated shipping unit is used, with various pay-load sizes available. Within the unit, dry ice is carefully poured in around the samples. A datalogger is then placed into the unit, again providing a report of the conditions for the duration of the transport. A sample of such reports is seen right.






At Q1 Scientific we can provide same day delivery or collection if required.  Alternatively, if you require delivery or collections to premises other than your own we provide this service also e.g. external laboratory. Every delivery and collection is important to us and each job is handled with the utmost care to give you peace of mind.